Check in Process
  • All team check-in documents are due by Monday, May 6th. You can start this process as soon as you have been accepted into the GMIT Border Battle.
  • All communications regarding documents upload must be done through the “Notify Registrar” in your documents page in GotSoccer team account. If you have questions not dealing with document uploads, please email our tournament director Larry Johnson, at
  • Verified roster and player passes must be presented to ref crew at each game. Coach must have immediate access to all players medical releases at each game.
Required Documents
  • 1 copy of your State Approved, Official roster signed by your registrar.
  • Permission to ravel form (if applicable). All teams outside of Region IV must have this form. Check with your State Association for the appropriate form.
  • Download, read, and completely fill out this Team Information Form, then re-upload a signed Team Information Form document.
  • Guest players document
    • Player passes and medical release/waivers are not required documents to upload but MUST be present and available for viewing at all games.
Uploading Document In GotSoccer
  • Once all your documents have been gathered and completed, you will upload each document separately (please scan or create PDF files for each document type). Please use appropriate descriptive names for each upload (ie Roster, Travel, Team Info, Guest Players).
  • Login to with your team username and password. If you do not know your login information contact your club. DO NOT create a new team profile for this tournament.
  • Select the 2019 GMIT Boarder Battle.
  • Select Documents.
  • Select the labels from the dropdown list and upload the appropriate files.
  • After completing and uploading all required documents, click on the “Notify Registrar” button, and compose a message stating your team and that the documents are ready, then click the “add” button.
  • If you have any questions throughout this process please use the “Notify Registrar”.
Guest Players Teams may have up to five guest players. To add a guest player, please fill out the appropriate guest player document.  If your guest player is from outside Colorado, they will need to complete an Interstate Permission form obtained from their State Association. Player passes and medical release forms are required for each guest player.